How to Remove Content API Connection from Shopify in Google Merchant Center?

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To check if you are sending products via API connection:

  1. Please log into your Google Merchant Center account. 
  2. On the right side of the page you can see Products, and then Feeds

If you have in section Feeds feed called Content API you are sending Feed using Content API.

  1. You can check it as well in the API section:

If there is a message that says “No data” it means that you don’t have an API connection.

We highly recommend you NOT keep the content API and DataFeedWatch feed. It may cause issues in your Google Merchant Account, like disapproving products due to duplicates. If you don’t disconnect your GMC account, the feed from Datafeedwatch will be overwritten with the feed from Shopify’s Google App. It can hurt the performance of your campaigns.
If you want to keep the historical performance of your items, just make sure that IDs from Content API Feed and DataFeedWatch feed match.

Removing the Content API connection from Shopify:

To remove the connection to prevent issues with the product submitted by the DataFeedWatch feed in your Shopify Admin Account:

  1. Go to section Apps or Sales Channel, then click on the “Google” app. 
  2. Open “Settings”.
  3. In the Google Merchant Center account section click “Disconnect”.
  4. Click “Save”.


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