Amazon: How to Create a New ASIN

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Before Starting

Confirm that an ASIN doesn’t exist for your product.

Go to Amazon’s home page. Search for the product using product names, model numbers, and the product’s GTIN.

If you find that an ASIN exists for your product, then do not attempt to create another ASIN. Amazon doesn’t allow the creation of multiple ASINs for the same product. Doing so violates Amazon’s ASIN creation policy

Instead, list your products under the existing ASIN.

Creating an ASIN Options

Method 1: Create an ASIN on Amazon Seller Central (via web interface).

  • This method is suited for creating one or a small number of ASINs.
  • This is the simplest method, but is time-consuming for creating many ASINs.

Method 2: Create an ASIN on Amazon Seller Central (via a file upload).

  • This method is suited for one-time creation of many ASINs. 
  • Requires familiarity with using spreadsheets and time to populate the file.

Method 3: Create an ASIN using DataFeedWatch.

  • This method is suited for the on-going creation of ASINs directly from your product catalog.
  • You can create ASINs without logging into Amazon Seller Central.

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