Update: Responsive Search Ads Available in Google Text Ads Service

Paweł Updated by Paweł

For those signed up for Google Text Ads, a new functionality was introduced with this release.

You can now try using Responsive Text Ads with your feed in DataFeedWatch.

Responsibe Search Ads—How does it work?

Responsive search ads allow you to create 15 headlines each of them with 30 characters and 4 times 90 characters description.

Google Ads will then choose the most relevant headline and description for that specific search.

With this function your ads can be more relevant for every search query and your campaign ‘s performance can improve. 

Google ads will combine these headlines and descriptions to choose the most relevant combination for each search. In case you want to choose which headlines and description should appear, you can pin it. 

Google recommends you to have minimum 2 Extended Text Ads and 1 Responsive Search Ads in each Ads groups. 

Here's an example of what this might look like.


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