Adding Magento 2

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To add your Magento 2 shop, follow the steps below:
This procedure applies to Magento 2 and later versions, and the Magento Enterprise.
You can keep the previous Magento 2 (Legacy), or contact our support to upgrade it.
  1. Download the Official DataFeedWatch plugin
  2. Install the plugin on your webserver (or ask your developer to do this)
  3. Log in to your Magento Shop's Admin Panel
  4. Go to Stores > Configuration
  1. Scroll down and click DataFeedWatch > General
  2. Click Open next to the option Go To My DataFeedWatch
  1. To log in to your DataFeedWatch Account, click Sign in (or Sign up to create a new account)
  1. Provide a name for your new Magento 2 Shop (URL and source type will already be included)
  1. Scroll down and click Create shop

Wait for DataFeedWatch to download your products.

Remember to add a channel when it's ready!


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