Update: Redesigned Add Shop Flow

Paweł Updated by Paweł

To save you the hassle with setting up the shop, we've re-organized the Add Shop flow. We've decided to include two steps which would normally be needed later. So, you have all you may ever need in one place.

Now, you immediately see and you can adjust:

  • Input Feed, where you can add shop or product file details in seconds
  • Update Schedule, where—depending on your plan—you can add extra daily updates of your products
  • Internal Fields, where you let us know what fields in your shop mean (usually, you can just approve our suggestions, or choose similar or the same field names)

It's worth noting, that in Update Schedule you'll have Extra Updates available and free of charge.

  • Shop—1 free update, impossible to add more than this
  • Merchant2 free updates per shop
  • Agency and Enterprise—5 free updates per shop

More (paid) updates are available in Edit Shop, after successfully adding your shop.

To learn more about using the new functionality, check out the following articles:
- Adding a Shop (Shopping Cart or Feed File)


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