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How to create Merchant Promotions using DataFeedWatch?

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The option to add a Google Promotions feed is activated in your shop after you add a Google Shopping channel.

To create a Merchant Promotions feed, follow the steps below:

  1. In DataFeedWatch, go to your shop (with a Google Shopping channel added)
  2. Click Google Promotions > Add Feed
  1. Provide the required parameters for your feed
The promotion feed can contain multiple promotions, just like a product feed can contain multiple products. Each promotion must include the following fields:
- Promotion_id – the unique ID of the promotion. It should not contain any spaces or symbols.If you want to limit the promotion to a specific group of products you need to provide the same promotion id for those products in your standard Google Shopping feed.
- Product_applicability - specifies whether the promotion is applicable to all products or only specific products.
- Offer_type - this attribute indicates whether or not a coupon code is required for users to redeem the offer.
- Long_title - this is the full title of the promotion. It should describe the promotion completely and accurately. Maximum length is 60 characters.
- Promotion-effective_dates - the date and time frame when the promotion is active.
- Redemption_channel - Indicates that promotion is valid online.
  1. To finish, click Save (or Save & Add Next, to create another Merchant Promotions feed)
  2. To upload the feed to Google, copy the URL

To upload your promotions to Google, follow the steps below:

  1. In Google Merchant Center, go to Promotions > Feeds
  2. Click the blue + button


  1. Similar to regular product feeds, upload the feed via scheduled fetch 


Follow the remaining instructions from Google and you'll be good to go.



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