Selecting Products for Comparison Updates

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Selecting Products for Comparison

The final version of Price Watch is now available for all Data Feed Watch Users.

During your 15-day trial, you can choose up to 100 products per shop. Meanwhile, on your upgraded version, you have no limits.

You can always add or remove the products from your current product selection.

To add new products or change those already selected follow the steps below:
  1. Open your Price Watch dashboard.
  2. Navigate to the Product Selections tab in the left-hand panel.
  3. Go to the table which contains the list of all your products from a particular shop.
  4. Click on the checkbox next to the product you want to select for comparison.
As a product, we consider an item with a unique GTIN number. Therefore, the number of the products you selected may differ from the total. For example, if three chosen products have the same GTIN number, we count them as one product.

  1. Click on Save Changes.

How to search for products to select easily?

You can use the search bar to quickly encounter an item in the (sometimes) impossibly long list of products. Your search can be:

  • Basic. Just insert the specific product's name, or search it by GTIN number.
  • Advanced. Set up the filters to find a group of products with the common characteristics you’re looking for.

  •  In addition, you can save the set filter to use in the future. 

Remember that you can always book a call or email us anytime you have questions or concerns about Price Watch. We'll be happy to help 💙.


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