Update: Sub-Accounts (Users) in DataFeedWatch

DataFeedWatch Updated by DataFeedWatch

We’ve updated the sub-accounts permissions making it easier for Administrators to set the right level of access for each additional account.

More about creating Sub-Accounts in the Adding Users article.

Type of permissions you can set for a Sub-Account (User)

Allow sub-account users to delete/edit shops they have access to

The user will have access to the shop settings from where they can change the update schedule of the feed.

Allow sub-account users to add new shops

This means the user will be able to connect new feeds/shops to the account.

Allow sub-account users to add/delete/edit DFW-Analytics for shops they have access to

If you want to learn more about our free DataFeedWatch Analytics module, see our help section.

Allow sub-account users to edit Internal Fields

Internal Fields are your personal Library of Rules. They allow you to create feed rules that you can later use in other channel mappings. Go here for a full introduction into the Internal Fields.

After you’ve set the permissions it’s time to choose the shops to which the user will have access.

If you have several feeds or client shops in your account you can either apply the permissions to all existing and future shops or to a restricted number of shops.

If you need to update the level of permissions or the shops to which the permission is granted you can always do it from your Account > Users menu.


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