Installing ​Product Bridge

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For some shops, you'll be asked to install our Product Bridge. This is needed to import your products to DataFeedWatch.

To install our Product Bridge in your shop:

  1. In the Product Bridge step, click Download Product Bridge, and extract the downloaded archive
  2. Access your shop’s server using a FTP client (like FileZilla)
  3. Copy the Bridge2cart folder to your shop’s main directory
For WooCommerce, copy the Bridge2cart folder to the main directory of Wordpress CMS, and not your ecommerce plugin.
For Wordpress, the directory to copy it is usually the main directory on your server, or the public_html folder.
  1. Make sure the permissions (chmod) are as follows:

- for Bridge.php file: 644 or 666

- for Bridge2cart folder: 755 or 777

In FileZilla, right-click on your file or folder (on the server side), and select File permissions.
  1. Go to DataFeedWatch > Shops, and in the Options column, click Shop Settings > Installation
  2. To verify if the bridge is working fine, click Verify Product Bridge
  3. If the connection seems still blocked, you may need to whitelist the following IP on your server:


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