Amazon: Troubleshooting Uploads with the Processing Report Updated by

Amazon generates a processing report for each file upload (for both manual uploads and uploads generated by DataFeedWatch). The report shows a list of error codes that you can use to debug your files.

Access the Processing Report on Amazon Seller Central.

To access the Processing Report on Amazon Seller Central:

  1. Log into your Amazon Seller Central account. 
  2. Navigate to: Inventory tab > Add Products via Upload > Monitor Upload Status tab
  3. Download the report that corresponds to Date / Time for your uploaded file. 

Visit this page (login required) to see error code explanations.

Receive the Processing Report by email.

For uploads generated by DataFeedWatch, you can choose to get the Processing Report by email.

  1. Navigate to the list of channels for your shop.  
  2. Click on the target Amazon marketplace (eg. Amazon Marketplace (for US)). 
  3. Click on the Marketplace settings in the left pane.
  4. Scroll down to Processing report settings
  5. Select Only when errors or Always
  6. Click Update marketplace button to save changes


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