Analytics: Overview of the DataFeedWatch Analytics Installation Process

DataFeedWatch Updated by DataFeedWatch

The installation process of the DataFeedWatch Analytics involves the following:

  1. User authorizes DataFeedWatch to access Google Analytics data

The DataFeedWatch Analytics needs to connect to Google Analytics to enhance the GA tracking script and collect the product performance data.

  1. User is asked to select Google Analytics Account and Property

The selected Property will be used for accessing the product performance data.

  1. Custom dimension is added to the selected Property

Custom dimension holds the value of the DataFeedWatch Tag.

  1. A new View is created in the selected Property

We create a separate View called DFW Tracker Profile to make sure there are no filters in place that could hinder the data collection process.

  1. Tracking code is added to the product links in the channels' feeds

This step is required to feed our tracking scripts with proper product information.

  1. DataFeedWatch tracking script is generated and user is asked to add it to the website

This script is crucial for the performance data accuracy. The script checks for the tracking code in the link, and sends its value to a custom dimension.


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