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Our Tracker (DataFeedWatch Tag) enables us to assign your Transactions to the source.

It is useful for a high percentage of returning traffic and/or for your customers using external payment gateways. The DataFeedWatch Tag will allow us assign such Transactions to the original visit that initiated the purchase.

So, if you have a high percentage of returning traffic and/or if you allow your customers to use external payment gateways, the two scenarios described above will be common among your visitors.

Therefore, installing the Tracker will significantly improve the accuracy of the performance data collected.

For Custom Channels, the situation differs a little bit. The Product URL field needs to be mapped with the URL including the tracking parameter, so that the Analytics could work properly.
To add the Tracker, follow the steps below:
  1. In DataFeedWatch, select your shop
  2. From the menu on the left, click Analytics
  3. From the Analytics menu on the left, click Tracker
  4. Add Tracker, following the instructions for your shop and installation method
To go directly to detailed installation instructions, select your installation method:
- Analytics: Installing DataFeedWatch Tag in Google Tag Manager (Recommended)
- Analytics: Adding the DataFeedWatch Tag to Gtag.js and Analytics.js


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