Checking Performance of Product Titles in A/B Testing (Google Analytics Custom Report)

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You can check the performance of your titles at any time.

Just log in to your Google Analytics and create a Custom Report.

This option will allow you to display more than top 10 results, and it will give you more customization options. But A and B versions of your titles will not be as visible as in the Google Analytics Dashboard.
To verify titles performance in Google Analytics, follow the steps below:
  1. In Google Analytics, click Customization > Custom Reports > New Custom Report
  1. In General Information section, provide the title for your report
  2. In Report Content section, name the tab of your report
  3. Select Explorer type
  4. In Metric Groups, select Transactions and Pageviews as the two metrics to follow on
You can also choose any other metrics you consider useful in terms of performance of your titles.
  1. In Dimension Drilldowns, select Page as a dimension
  1. In Filters, select Include, Page as dimension, select Regex, and enter .*ab_version=(A|B)


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