Checking Performance of Product Titles in A/B Testing (Landing Pages Report)

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You can check the performance of your titles at any time.

Just log in to your Google Analytics, and go to Landing Pages section.

This function requires eCommerce setup in Google Analytics. For details, go to Set up Ecommerce Tracking in Google Help Center.
To verify titles performance in Google Analytics, follow the steps below:
  1. Log in to your Google Analytics
  2. Go to Behavor > Site Content > Landing Pages
  3. Click Add Segment
  4. Click NEW SEGMENT button
  5. Skip to Advanced > Conditions
  6. Apply Filter: Sessions > Include (Default options)
  7. Select Landing Page, then contains, and enter the following text: ab_version=A
  8. Name it AB Test A version and hit Save
  9. Perform the steps 4-8 entering ab_version=B in filter, and naming it AB Test B version
  10. Select both filters from the list, and click Apply
  11. Here's how your final report should look
You can now compare your conversion rate, but we recommend to also check if the result is statistically significant. One of the tools to do this is A/B-Test Calculator.
Provide your visitors and conversions for A and B title versions, and select two-sided hypothesis option.
Be sure to check if the test results are significant, so you can confidently make your final decision.


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