Analytics FAQ: Why do I need to wait for the data to appear in Analytics?

Paweł Updated by Paweł


After installation or settings changes, I can't see the new data in my Analytics Dashboard in DataFeedWatch.


Here are the steps that need to happen before the data appears in our Analytics:

  • After installation, a parameter is added to all your DataFeedWatch product links
  • You need to connect your new product feed with the advertising channel
    At this stage, it's possible that your channel gets our data only once a day or so. And sometimes there's an extra delay before the feed is updated.
  • The links with our parameter need to be visited by your clients
    They need to click your ad, that is at least 1 product link must be accessed from your ads. So, you must have some budget there and set the right bids.
  • Your clients' visits need to appear in your Google Analytics, so that we could get them from there

So, we're afraid we can't do much here, but to wait. Hopefully, some data will start to appear soon. 🙌


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