Adding Users: Standard & Admin Permissions

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You can change the the scope of permissions of your Uers according to your preference.

It may be very limited to a few matters that the User needs to handle.

But you can also grant your User administrator permissions if you prefer. Note that such person will be able give those rights to other users.

To choose other permissions you'd like to grant to a User, select the relevant options:

Allow Users to delete/edit shops they have access to

The user will have access to the Shop Settings page, where they can also change the update schedule of the feed.

Allow Users to add new shops

This means the user will be able to connect new shops to the account.

Allow Users to add/delete/edit DFW-Analytics for shops they have access to

This allows the Sub-Account user to configure our free DataFeedWatch Analytics module.

Allow Users to edit Internal Fields

Internal Fields constitute part of the Shop connection process. They allow you to create rules that you can later be used in channel mappings.

Allow Users to access Google Text Ads campaigns

Thus module allows you create Google Ads text ad campaigns automatically, every day, based on the data in your feed.


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