Update: Keep Your Account Active with Suspend My Account

DataFeedWatch Updated by DataFeedWatch

During the Coronavirus period, no fees will be charged for suspended accounts.

If you need to put your product feed efforts on hold, while you focus on other priorities, you can suspend your DataFeedWatch account for a small monthly fee.

By suspending your account we will store:

  • Your last imported product data before the suspension
  • Your shopping channels
  • All your mappings and optimization

When suspended we will not:

  • Download and process your latest product data
  • Send products to channels
  • Track product performance data

How to Suspend it

In your Account section, under Plans, you will find the option Suspend your Account.

How to Unsuspend it

Whenever you are ready to resume your feed marketing efforts just log in to DataFeedWatch and click one of the Reactivate links:

We will reactivate your account immediately and download the latest product data from your shopping cart or feed source.


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