Adding OpenCart 2.X

DataFeedWatch Updated by DataFeedWatch

To add your OpenCart shop, follow the steps below:
  1. Obtain your OpenCart 2.X feed URL
    1. Go to your OpenCart Dashboard
    2. Click Feeds
    3. From the drop-down list, select Enabled
    4. Copy the URL

  1. In DataFeedWatch, click Add Shop
    1. Enter a name for your shop
    2. Select XML as your Main Feed
    3. In the Source location field, paste the address copies in your OpenCart 2.X
    4. Click Next Tab
  2. When redirected to the next step in DataFeedWatch
    1. In the Updates Schedule tab, from the first drop-down, select your timezone
    2. Use Add Another Update button, to add more than one daily update times
      If you need downloads above your plan—you'll easily add them after you add this shop, in Shop Settings. (Feature not available in Shop Plan.)
  3. To continue to Internal Fields tab, click Next Tab
    1. For each field on the left, select a main mapping type from the first drop-down
      You can just check and accept our suggestions where available.
    2. From the second dropdown, choose one of the attributes from your shop
      If you'd like to change and optimize your product attributes, try using also our IF Conditions and Edit Values options.
  4. To create a shop, click Finish


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