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Basic Terminology

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To help you move around the application, we have prepared a list of terms used, with the relevant definitions.

We hope this will help you understand DataFeedWatch better!




Attributes describing products (such as ID, Title, Price, etc.).


The process of assigning specific values to fields. This can be done using various mapping methods.

Input Fields

Product attributes in the form obtained directly from your shop or file.

Internal Fields

Product attributes in the form already modified by the user.


Your platform used for selling products online, usually with your own domain.


Place where you can create output feeds appropriate for clients in a given country and for specific shopping platform.

Input Feed

File—containing all of your products and their attributes—imported directly from your shop.

Output Feed

File—containing all of your products and the appropriately modified attributes—coming from your channel and used to sell products in a given country.

Master Account

It is an umbrella account which provides account owners with the possibility of easily switching between multiple accounts with single sign-on.


A plugin that needs to be installed in your shop. It connects your shop with the DataFeedWatch App.

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