Adding 3dcart Version 7+

DataFeedWatch Updated by DataFeedWatch

To add your 3dcart Version 7+ shop, follow the steps below:
To check your 3dcart version, please refer to How can I tell which version of 3dcart I'm using?
  1. Sign in to your 3dcart Admin Panel
  2. Go to Modules 
  3. In search tab, find SOAP API
  4. In the SOAP API section, click Settings
  1. Check the boxes Enable API and Enable Advanced API
  1. Copy your API User Key, and click Save
  2. Log in to your DataFeedWatch Dashboard, click the Add shop button
  3. Select 3dcart as a source, and paste the API User Key copied from 3dcart
  1. Provide the name and URL of your shop
  2. Click Create shop

Wait for DataFeedWatch to download your products.


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