Update: Product Detail Field in Google Shopping Channels

Paweł Updated by Paweł

We've recently added another new field to Google Shopping channels. Product Detail.

Use the product detail to provide technical specifications or additional details. You can describe any aspect of the product not explicitly covered by other attributes. The product detail provides shoppers with readable, structured data, and enhances our ability to surface individual products based on user queries.

Product detail attribute is optional for all products.

Each product detail has 3 required sub-attributes. They are section name, attribute name, and attribute value. You must include all 3 for each product detail you submit.

How to add Product Highlight field to your feed?

You'll find product detail at the bottom of the mapping page.

Best practices :

• Don't duplicate data within the attribute.

• Don't use search engine optimization keywords.

• Check for errors in grammar, spelling, or capitalization.

Check out the details in Google Help.


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