Update: Copy Shop Functionality

Paweł Updated by Paweł

To speed up the configuration process users with more than one shop will now have an option to simply copy a similar one, with its already configured settings, such as Internal Fields and Channels.

This option is currently only available for Other sources.

This will let your create new shops based on previous configurations.

Please note that shop copying may take up to a few minutes.
How and when to use the Shop Copy option?

It is a prerequisite to have a similar source (like the same shopping cart platform), with the same fields in it. Otherwise it may turn out that there are no useful settings copied.

You may need this functionality especially when you have the same shop in many languages. So this shop needs to exist on your account in many copies, but with the same input fields and configuration. You can later adjust some details like currency—but the shop is basically configured.

Another situation is when you have two different shops, but with similar products and based on the same shopping cart platform. Also then, the basic configuration can be copied, and only adjusted a little bit later.


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