Adding Content Feed

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To add Content Feed, follow the steps below:
  1. Log in to your DataFeedWatch Account
  2. Click on your shop's name
  3. Choose channel named Bol Content Feed
  4. Leave SFTP credentials empty
A test feed is required to obtain FTP credentials from
  1. Click on how to get FTP credentials to find the access request form from
For the request form our IP address is needed. Use the following: and

  1. When mapping the channel, please provide the correct GTIN's (EAN's) of your products
  2. Add the correct product classifications
They are very strict on their product categories so please download the file from the given URL and look manually for categories that seem to fit yours. The file is big so we recommend to download Notepad++ in order to open it properly:
  1. Exclude products that have no GTIN or don't have your local shop categories filled in, since such products won't be accepted by anyway.
This step is necessary if you're creating a test feed for
  1. Go to your channel overview and on the right side of the Bol Content Feed click download
  2. Choose .TXT, the format required by
  3. Right click on it, and then choose Save as
  4. Specify a file name
  5. After submitting the FTP request form, and receiving the credentials from the support team, go back to your channel settings, and fill in the SFTP credentials section

Now just give 48 hours to analyze your data, and follow the API guide ( Adding API Channel) once Bol has accepted the content information you've provided about your products.

Now you only need a Bol API Channel.


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