Update: Internal Fields

DataFeedWatch Updated by DataFeedWatch

In the past, DataFeedWatch customers used their source feeds to create shopping feeds for the channels. Every time they wanted a new shopping feed, they had to create and optimize that feed from scratch. There were no alternatives.

Therefore, we had to do something to make it even easier for PPC Managers to launch multiple channels in as little time as possible.

What are the benefits of using the internal fields?

1. Better overview of product data
You can define and keep track of all the product fields in your master feed in one place.

2. Faster mapping
If you want to change a field, eg. title, you will change it only once in the internal fields and it will be automatically updated on all the shopping channels.

3. Quicker optimizations all across the board
Let’s say you sell three types of apparel products: Dresses, Shoes, and Shirts. For each apparel product, you want a different title format to use across all shopping channels. Moreover, you need a general title format for all products for some channels. You can create these enriched titles in the Internal Fields section and they will be updated on all channels where you use them.

4. Avoiding errors and mismatching
By making all updates and optimizations in one place you are sure that all data is accurate on every channel.


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