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We charge you for the Price Watch in credits. The number of credits changes along with your usage of the Price Watch. 

The total number of credits per week is a sum of selected products* from each shop multiplied by the scheduled updates. 

*We count the products according to the unique GTIN number. Therefore, the number of the products you selected may differ from the total. For example, if three selected products have the same GTIN number, we count them as one product. 

Let’s take a look at the following scenario to understand the credits better: 

Let’s assume you have two shops: Vagabond and Trotamundo. 

You want to use the Price Watch for 100 products from the Vagabond, and you scheduled one weekly update for Monday

Also, you selected 40 products from the Trotamundo, and you scheduled the updates for the Price Watch for Tuesday and Wednesday

To sum up, your choices are the following: 

Vagabond - 100 products- one weekly update on Monday

Trotamundo - 40 products- two weekly updates on Tuesday and Wednesday. 

We will count the total number of credits per week in the following way: 

100 (products from Vagabond) x 1 (update) + 40 (products from Trotamundo) x 2 (updates) = 180 credits/per week

What influences the number of credits you’ve used

You can change the products and shops or your weekly updates settings anytime you want.

The more products, updates, or shops you add, the more credits you spend. 

All these changes influence the total number of credits and thus impact your monthly spending at the end of the billing period. 

To sum up: 

There are 3 factors that can impact the number of credits you have used:

  • How many products you’ve selected
  • How many shops you’ve chosen
  • How many updates you’ve set up. 

Remember, if you have more doubts about the pricing or need help with the Price Watch, don’t hesitate to contact us via chat or email. We’re always here to help you 💙. 


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