Uploading Data Feeds to Google Shopping (HTTP)

Updated 3 days ago by DataFeedWatch

  1. Log in to DataFeedWatch
  2. Go to your shop's channels list
  3. Copy the URL of your feed by clicking the button in FEED URL column
The output feed URL is not generated until mapping of the feed is completed.
  1. Log in to your Google Merchant Center
  2. Go to Products > Feeds
  3. To add your feed, click the blue + symbol
  4. Choose your target country (and language), and click Continue
  1. Provide the name, select Scheduled fetch, and click Continue
  1. Provide File name
  2. Select Fetch frequency, Fetch time and Time zone
  3. In File URL field, paste the Feed URL copied from your DataFeedWatch Account
  4. In File name field, paste the last part of the feed URL (such as f31dc9a918590e80bfb3deeae29d8807aefefc65.xml, if your Feed URL is https://feeds.datafeedwatch.com/8946/f31dc9a918590e80bfb3deeae29d8807aefefc65.xml)
  1. Click Continue
  2. Click on the newly created feed, and then click Fetch now

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