Installing Price Watch

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Our Price Watch Solution is available for all users who:

  • Have a DataFeedWatch account.
  • Use Google Shopping as one of your advertising channels.

To learn how to register your account and get started with DataFeedWatch, refer to Getting Started with DataFeedWatch. Whereas to add a Google Shopping channel, go to Channels Overview.

How to install Price Watch:

The process of installing Price Watch is easy and takes only a moment. Just go through the following steps:

  1. Log in to DataFeedWatch.
  2. Go to your shop.
  3. On the left-hand panel, navigate to Price Watch.

  1. You’ll find yourself on the Price Watch page.
    1. Click on the right blue button Start 15-Day Trial if you want to start directly with Price Watch, and go through the following steps of this instruction.
    2. If you need assistance, click on the Book a Call, and one of our colleagues will guide you through the installation process and dispel any doubt you may have.
  2. Once you click on Start 15- Day Trial to install Price Watch, continue to set up your account.

Refer to the Price Watch Free Trial to learn more about a free trial.

If you’re wondering how much you would pay for Price Watch, scroll down to the Pricing calculator. Settle how many products you’d like to compare and how often, and see your estimated monthly cost.

Please remember, during the trial period, you can use Price Watch for up to 100 products and update your data only once. On the upgraded version, you have no limits.

More about the pricing 👉 Price Watch Pricing.

  1. Select your Google Shopping Channel.
  2. Choose whether the prices should include shipping or not.
  3. Select how the price difference should be displayed (% or your currency).
  4. Insert the URL of your shop.
  5. Select at what time you want to update the data.
  6. Select what day you want to update the data.
  7. Click on Save and Proceed.

You can change these settings anytime you want.

  1. Now, you can select the products you want to compare. More about how to select the products for comparison 👉 Selecting Products for Comparison.

Well done! You've got your Price Watch all set! Discover your biggest competitors, compare your prices, and stay undefeated 🤩.


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