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Google Text Ads: Other Doubts

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Are there any limitations to the number of ad patterns?

Google does not allow more than 50 text ads and we do not have limits for the number of alternatives (back up templates)

Can I add other fields to create keywords?

Yes: In addition to truncating, you can also ‘create keywords by tag combination’ (see higher up on this page)

Can I combine different fields into keywords

Yes: Create a field in your Google Text Ad Feed and just combine all the fields from your shop that you want

Can I add & use keywords from a separate file?

Yes: if you have a list of keywords for each product or group, you can add these keyword-fields with a Lookup Table or merge that list into your source feed. Once the keywords-fields are in your source feed, you can add them to your Google Text Ad feed and use them to ‘create keywords by tag combination’ (see section above)

How often are my campaigns synced with my Google AdWords account?

We update your campaigns 4 times a day

Can I set a State, Province or Region as a territory?

No, you can only set that in AdWords—not in Google Text Ads

What is the maximum size of the source feed for Google Text Ads?

Our text ads system can handle files up to 400Mb

Can I automate my existing, manual campaigns with Google Text Ads?

No that is not possible. Your campaigns in Google Text Ads will be created based on your product feed - not based on your existing campaigns. But you may be able to combine your existing (manual) campaigns with Google Text Ads in a different way. See separate item.

I don’t want to lose the history of my existing campaigns

You can simply pause them and keep the campaign history in your AdWords account.

Can I use a 3rd-party tool to optimize the campaigns?

Yes. You can manage the campaigns that are created by Google Text Ads any way you want. Just make sure that to remove a label called "BW” if you want to pause keywords, text ads or adgroups.

What happens with an ad group when a product goes out of stock?

If a product is no longer in stock, its ad group will be paused. Once it is back in stock, the ad group will be un-paused.

I updated the Feed, but I still see the old data in my campaign.

The changes you make in your Text Ads Feed will be reflected in the campaigns in DataFeedWatch with the next scheduled update. You can also refresh the campaign source manually by clicking 'Refresh Feed Data'

What happens if the price changes?

If you are using the ‘price’ field in the ad patterns and product price changes, your ad will stay as it is and the price will be updated with ad customizers.

If you have included other fields in your ad copy, the ads will be deleted and new ads are created with the new values.

AdWords limitations: 10,000 ad groups

AdWords does not allow more than 10,000 ad groups per campaign. So if you have more than 10,000 unique products in your feed, Google Text Ads will automatically create multiple campaigns (product, group or DSA campaigns), to be able to create more than 10,000 ad groups

AdWords limitations: 25,000 products in DSA campaigns (auto targets)

An AdWords account can contain a maximum of 25,000 auto-targets. So the total number of products in all your DSA campaigns in your Google Ads account cannot be more than 25,000.

This is an AdWords limitation that we cannot change or shortcut. But we can advise you how to deal with that:

You have many useless auto-targets

Remove all ad groups with auto-targets that you can do without. Or just remove the entire DSA campaign and upload a new version (with fewer auto targets) from the Google Text Ads.

You just have a lot of relevant products

  • If you have variants: merge them in your feed to parents. That saves a lot of products;
  • Make sure you have product campaigns. The more eligible products you have in the product campaigns, the fewer you will have in your DSA campaigns;
  • Prioritize: Have DSA campaigns only for the best performing shops or categories or products
  • If that does not solve it for you: create an additional Google Ads account so you have another 25,000 auto targets.
What are the DSA campaigns based on?

The landing page (product page) of each individual product.

How to add size & color as negatives to the group campaign?

There is no need to do that because we only use exact keywords in the Group Campaigns, to make sure that keywords in the Product Campaigns will not compete against the same keywords in the Group Campaigns.

What is Permutations & how does it help?

It will create different versions of the keyword with each version having the same words in different order. In a Group campaign, we strongly recommend using Exact Match Type since other match types can cost you a lot with short tail keywords inviting a lot of unwanted clicks. But on other hand Exact Match type can be too specific with not enough search volume, Permutations solves this problem by creating different versions with each keyword in different order covering more search queries.

How does Per Partes work?

It’s a process of gradually enabling keywords in your ad group, starting with the longest keyword . This feature makes sure that the longest keyword will be turned on first & if it doesn’t have enough search volume, we will pause the current keyword & turn on the next shorter keyword. Keywords are checked every 4 hours for their eligibility.

First Attempt
adidas adissage Unisex Swimming Sliders Flip-Flops Black ( Turned ON but Low Volume )
adidas adissage Unisex Swimming Sliders Flip-Flops ( Paused )
adidas adissage Unisex Swimming Sliders ( Paused )
adidas adissage Unisex Swimming ( Paused )
Second Attempt – After 4 Hours
adidas adissage Unisex Swimming Sliders Flip-Flops Black ( Paused )
adidas adissage Unisex Swimming Sliders Flip-Flops ( Turned ON but Low Volume )
adidas adissage Unisex Swimming Sliders ( Paused )
adidas adissage Unisex Swimming ( Paused )
Third Attempt - After 4 Hours
adidas adissage Unisex Swimming Sliders Flip-Flops Black ( Paused )
adidas adissage Unisex Swimming Sliders Flip-Flops ( Paused)
adidas adissage Unisex Swimming Sliders ( Eligible Keyword Found )
adidas adissage Unisex Swimming

The remaining keywords won't be turned on after an eligible keyword has been found. But since we are using Broad Modifier match type, it will cover the shorter more generic keywords anyway.

You can turn Per Partes off if you want to activate all truncated keywords which will maximize impressions & clicks but more generic keywords will also get you a lot of unwanted & irrelevant traffic driving the cost higher without many conversions, especially when you are using Broad match type.

How can I use my pre-existing landing pages in a campaign?

If you have created your own, SEO-optimized landing pages for certain groups of products (brands, product types, etc) you can use them in the DataFeedWatch Google Text Ads as well. The whole process is very simple.

That is not possible, but there is a workaround.

Let’s say that you have 1 shop with a total of 10 different brands (or product types). You want to run each brand in a separate AdWords account.

  1. Create a custom feed (not a DFW Text Ads!) for each brand
  • Just include all the fields you need to DFW Text Ads
  • The mapping can be the same for all brands (so you can copy the first feed 9x)
  • In each custom feed: only include products of one of the brands
  1. Add a new shop for every brand. Use the custom feed as the source feed
  2. Create a DFWText Ads feed in every shop and then connect every shop to a different AdWords account
How can I check the quality of my feed?

You can run a feed review to see errors and missing data in your Text Ads feed. You can find the feed review in the left sub-navigation panel.

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