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Adding Magento

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To add your Magento shop, follow the steps below:
This procedure applies to Magento only. There's a separate help article for Magento 2.
  1. Log in to your DataFeedWatch Dashboard, and then click Add shop
  2. Provide a name for your shop
  3. Select Magento
  4. In Shop URL field, provide your shop’s domain name
  5. You can also choose certain product types from your shop (optional)
For Magento product types please refer to Product Types in the Magento User Guide.
  1. Click Create shop
  2. Download DataFeedWatch Extension for Magento
  3. Log in to your Magento Admin Panel
  4. Click System > Magento Connect > Magento Connect Manager
  1. Click Choose file button, select extension file from your local drive, and click Upload
  2. Go to System > DataFeedWatch
If you are not logged in to DataFeedWatch, you need to sign in first.
  1. Next to Go To My DataFeedWatch, click the first Open button

Setting up your Magento plugin

Magento is a very complicated system in which the user can create many individual settings. In order to meet our client's individual needs we created our plugin to be as much customizable as possible.

Our v.0.3+ plugin allows users to choose which fields should be downloaded into DataFeedWatch, as well as child-parent inheritance.

  1. To adjust your plugin settings, go to System > DataFeedWatch


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