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Empty Field Error in Feed Review

The Empty Field error or warning is usually caused by renaming an output field from an input field that is empty for some products. Try assigning other values. The products with the required information missing (in the Required Fields), will result in your products being rejected. So they will not be visible in the channel and will cause critical errors there.

Updated 4 months ago by Paweł

Identifier Not Unique Error in Feed Review

Problem: Identifier Not Unique. Product Status : With Warnings 😐. This problem may appear for the IDs of your products , or their GTINs. Those values need to be unique, otherwise the products will be…

Updated 3 years ago by Paweł

Feed Quality Score in DataFeedWatch

What's Feed Quality Score in Your Channel's Quality Check? Here's how we see your overall setup in DataFeedWatch , and as a result, how your fresh product data looks. Note that we're checking only yo…

Updated 3 years ago by Paweł

UPI Missing Error in Feed Review

Problem: UPI missing. Product Status: With Warnings 😐. This means that UPIs (Unique Product Identifiers) are not present in your feed. At least for some of the products. The issue will appear for Ide…

Updated 3 years ago by Paweł

Invalid Value Error in Feed Review

Problem: Invalid Value. Product Status : With Errors ☹️. The values you provided do not match values required by the channel. In most cases it is caused by using Rename option to copy input fields co…

Updated 3 years ago by Paweł

Missing GTIN

It may happen that the Google Merchant Center will show you a Missing warning GTIN. It means that you have not included the GTIN attribute in your data feed. GTIN number is not a required attribute o…

Updated 11 months ago by Ewa Kulik

Invalid GTIN Error in Feed Review

There may be many different reasons for this error occurring in your Google Merchant Center. The first step to fixing the issue is identifying what exactly happened with your GTIN. But first, what GT…

Updated 10 months ago by Ewa Kulik


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