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How to Download My Invoices?

In DataFeedWatch, from the left menu, select Account > Billing & Invoices. Scroll down to Invoices. To download the selected invoice, click an icon in the Download column.

Updated 2 years ago by DataFeedWatch

What is the Number of Products That I Will be Charged For?

The number of products that your monthly cost is based on, is the number of products in your source feed. This is the number of products downloaded from your shop ( including product variants ). To e…

Updated 4 years ago by Paweł

How can I cancel my subscription, so that I am not charged by DataFeedWatch?

To resign from your DataFeedWatch subscription, follow the steps below: Please log in to your DataFeedWatch account. In the menu on the left, click Account. Go to Plans. Click the Unsubscribe from Da…

Updated 1 year ago by DataFeedWatch

How do I update or add credit card details?

We may ask you to update your credit card details from time to time. This may happen if: Your Credit Card expired or expires soon. You have recently changed your billing method. Your currency for billing purposes changed. Or if you simply want to change the credit card to replace it with another one.

Updated 1 week ago by Ewa Kulik

Where can I check the pricing of DataFeedWatch?

You can always check out our pricing on the pricing tab of our DataFeedWatch website. But hey, there's also another option. To check the fees for our services, follow the steps below: In DataFeedWatc…

Updated 3 years ago by Paweł

Is there any agency or umbrella account dedicated to manage many shops?

Of course, we have the option of creating a dedicated agency account. This kind of DataFeedWatch account is called Master Account (MCC) and allows agencies to manage other shops. Also, it is free of…

Updated 4 months ago by Ewa Kulik


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