Empty Field Error in Feed Review

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Problem: Empty Field

Product Status in Optional Fields: With Warnings 😐
Product Status in Required Fields: With Errors ☹️

In most cases it is caused by renaming an output field from an input field that is empty for some products.

The products with the required information missing (in the Required Fields), will result in your products being rejected. So they will not be visible in the channel and will cause critical errors there.

The situation is slightly better, if information is missing in the Optional Fields. Such products will be delivered to your channel, but they're performance will be lower than it could be. So we recommend fixing that too. Remember: The more details you provide for your products the better performance of your campaign.


  1. Check Show Feed to find for which products the fields are empty and why
  2. Check the Mapping section for errors​
  3. Create IF rules to collect values from other field if the field is empty
Avoid using Leave Empty option in the mapping—include other field if the value is missing.
  1. Or include the missing information in a CSV file, and use Edit Values > Lookup Table option (optional)

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