Invalid GTIN Error in Feed Review

Ewa Kulik Updated by Ewa Kulik

Problem: Invalid GTIN

Product Status: With Warnings 😐

This problem may occur for invalid product identifiers, such as GTIN, but also UPC, ISBN, JAN, or barcodes.

Our algorithms evaluate the length and other details of the identifier, so the error will definitely appear if the field includes text, or other unexpected characters.

Usually this means that there is other field mapped, and not the one including your GTINs.


  1. Go to Channel > Show Feed and check what values appear in your GTIN (or other identifier) field
  2. Check the Mapping section for errors​ (maybe you need to add other field, with GTINs)
  3. Please make sure that the values you provide are valid GTINs (UPCs, ISBNs, barcodes, etc.)


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