Getting Started with DataFeedWatch

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Step 1: Add a shop in DataFeedWatch

The first thing to do, after you've created a new account, is to connect your first shop. 🔗

Name it, select your shop from the list, and type in the address of your shop.

Step 2: Map the Internal Fields

Internal Fields are later used in each channel. This step makes configuration easier and results in even better DataFeedWatch experience.

Use Rename option to connect the dots. It copies the values you have.

Or use other mapping options, to create more complex rules.

Step 3: Add a channel

Add a separate channel for each platform account and country (e.g. Google FR, Google DE, etc.).

Step 4: Map the fields to create your feed

Map all the fields required by your target channel. Most fields will probably be pre-configured, or at least you will not have to choose all the details.

You can choose Input Fields directly from your shop, or copy the Internal Fields rules using the Rename option.

Optional step: Include/Exclude Products

You can include/exclude a part of the products present in your shop.

Optional step: Categorize your Products

You can add the relevant categorization, if required by a given channel.

Step 5: Check your setup and upload the feed

Now you can check the setup with our Feed Review. And upload the feed, for example, by copying the feed URL from DataFeedWatch. 💪💪💪



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